Drug Possession

Hendricks Co. IN Criminal Defense Attorney Defends Clients Accused of Drug Possession

Being charged with a drug possession crime in the state of Indiana can be a scary experience. Any Indiana drug charges are serious offenses, and require aggressive defense in court to assure that your rights are protected. By contacting Indiana Defense Lawyer James L. Lowry, you will be working with a skilled and knowledgeable attorney that will do everything he can within the power of the law to defend your rights in court.

In the state of Indiana, drug crimes are accompanied by heavy penalties. If you or a family member has been charged with drug possession, it is vital that you contact an experienced Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney immediately to determine how best to handle the case so that the consequences to your life are minimized. There are many different types of drug crimes, including possession, and/or trafficking in drugs. Depending on the drug and the amount of drugs found in your possession, your charge may carry more, or less, severe consequences. Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyer James L. Lowry has over 40 years of experience representing clients in the state of Indiana who have been charged with drug crimes. He can help you find ways to avoid jail time and avoid the charge negatively impacting the rest of your life.

In the state of Indiana, the laws and penalties focus on the type of drug you are found carrying and the amount. For cocaine and other narcotics, of less than 3 grams, it is classified as a Class D Felony and the penalty is 6 months to 3 years in prison and $10,000 in fines. More than 3 grams, it is a Class C Felony and punishable 2 to 8 years in prison and $10,000 in fines. For Methamphetamine, less than 3 grams, it is a Class D Felony, and more than 3 grams, a Class C Felony, and both are punished the same as cocaine and other narcotics. Marijuana is dealt with differently, and it is hugely important that you protect your rights by hiring Attorney James L. Lowry to defend you in court.

It is important that you do not get a conviction on your record when charged with a drug crime. Therefore, it is imperative that you speak with experienced Hendricks Co. IN Drug Possession Attorney James L. Lowry immediately. Call him today at his office in Danville, IN at (317)745-4408.