Indiana Family Law Attorney James L. Lowry

Are You Facing a Divorce?

Few things can be devastating emotionally and financially as a divorce.  No one gets married with the intent of getting a divorce but unfortunately today, half of marriages end up in divorce courts. Too often, people going through a divorce allow the anger, disappointment and disillusionment of a broken marriage to control their emotions. It is at this point that a level headed, reputable and experienced lawyer can provide some guidance and support in working through the divorce process. Attorney James L. Lowry has handled hundreds of divorces through his career and is well aware that the problems you face are your number one priority. James L. Lowry will help inform you about Indiana Law and your rights regarding custody, visitation and property rights.  He will aid you in making the decisions now that will affect you and your family for years to come. Attorney James L. Lowry is aware that people who face divorce actually face two divorces. One divorce is the emotional separation from their spouse and this is often the most difficult part of the divorce process to face. The second divorce is a financial one, dissolving the marital partnership and the separation of the assets and debts that have been acquired during the term of the marriage.  Mr. Lowry's goal is to vigorously represent his clients and to help bring them through this life transition and to help prepare them for the future.

What About the Children?

One of the considerations that a parent must look at in going through a divorce, is to understand that the children of the marriage go through their own divorce which is entirely separate from the adult parents. Children have looked at Mother and Father as the constants that provide support, nurturing and love and which now suddenly are separating. There is a sense of fear, anxiety, and concern on the part of the children for their own future and for that of the parents. We attempt to help parents understand the needs and the special interests of the children when they consider the questions concerning separation, custody and parenting time. James L. Lowry will advise as to the child custody laws, parenting time laws, and post-dissolution decree matters which will be of concern to you. Your decisions concerning child custody and parenting time and your attitude towards the other parent will affect your children for years to come. A knowledgeable attorney can give you proper advice and skillfully represent you in reaching the best outcome for you and for the children.

You are a Parent Forever

Your children will look to you for more emotional support and strength during this time of transition. In those occasions where you and your spouse cannot reach agreement as to child custody matters and parenting time matters, the court can often order a custodial evaluation, which is a process where a mental health professional makes investigation into the home life and strengths and weaknesses of each parent and makes recommendations to the court. We will discuss and address each area of concern and provide knowledgeable advice and representation to assist you in the matters concerning sole and joint custody, modifications in custody and parenting time, child custody evaluations, parenting time and visitation, relocation of the parents, and other matters.  In addition, we will advise you as to your rights concerning property and financial obligations.

We make every attempt to help you reach a satisfactory resolution of all issues with your spouse, when it becomes necessary, we are prepared to actively litigate your rights and those of your children.

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