Grandparents' Rights

Indiana Lawyer Helps Protect Grandparents Rights During and After Divorce

For many grandparents, their grandchildren are the greatest gift they have ever received. And for children, a healthy relationship with his or her grandparents is an important part of that child’s upbringing. Whenever possible, the Indianapolis family law attorney James L. Lowry encourages parents to make their children available to grandparents, and to work with the grandparents to arrange visitation schedules. Unfortunately, sometimes grandparents must engage in a legal battle in order to see their grandchildren, and Attorney Lowry can help them with that process.

With over 40 years of experience, James L. Lowry quickly and accurately assesses the situation and determines whether or not grandparents may be entitled to visitation rights. He works hard to make decisions that are in the best interests of the children, while keeping our clients’ goals in mind. He is well-versed in the complex area of divorce law and grandparents’ rights, and he will work tirelessly to ensure that you and your grandchildren don’t suffer due to the divorce of the child’s parents.

Since the area of grandparents’ rights is complicated, it is vital that you work with a lawyer that has extensive experience in the area you require help with. James. L. Lowry believes that children need to see their entire family in order to have happy, healthy childhoods and develop into well-adjusted adults. He works with his clients to make this a reality, relying on his years of experience to effectively seek resolutions to his clients’ grandparents’ rights and other family law cases.

Grandparents Desiring Guardianship

Sometimes, a biological parent is not in a suitable position to raise a child, and a grandparent will step in to seek custody. When awarding guardianship, the court grants legal authority to a responsible individual that can act in the child’s best interests. It is possible for a grandparent to petition for guardianship of a child when it is in the best interests of that child. When a parent or parents are in a difficult situation and unable to suitably care for their child, Attorney Lowry can pursue a guardianship over the child on behalf of the grandparents. He always has the child’s best interests in mind.

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