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Serious Injury

What Are Your Rights If injured

In Indiana, if someone causes you injury, and if they were at fault in causing that injury, they are responsible to you and can be made to compensate you for the damage you suffered.  I’ve learned over the years that I have practiced that there are very few “accidents.”  Most of the time, injuries occur because someone wasn’t paying attention, or someone was careless or worse, reckless in their actions.  Often times, your life and your economic situation can be dramatically affected by such an injury.  The law provides you a method to obtain compensation for your injuries, as well as reimbursement for medical expenses incurred and wages that were lost.  If you suffer permanent impairment you are entitled to receive money damages for that impairment.

Relief Provided By Law

No one can make you whole again, particularly if your injuries are serious and you suffer permanent limitations from your injuries.  The best that the law provides is a method of putting a monetary value on the injury and consequent disability and setting a requirement that the party at fault be responsible to you for the loss you have suffered.  In the event the party at fault causes the death of a person, the surviving members of that person’s family can recover for their loss, including the loss of affection of the lost loved one through the wrongful death laws of the State of Indiana.

When you are injured because someone else was careless or inattentive, there is a very good chance that you will receive a greater amount of money for your injury with the help of an attorney.  Many insurance companies will not deal fairly with you if you attempt to represent yourself.  In addition, you will probably have difficulty determining what your case is worth.  Of equal concern, not every attorney is capable of handling your claim.  For instance, an attorney that specializes in patent law or real estate would generally not be a good choice to represent you in the highly specialized field of personal injury.

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