Insurance Company Tricks

Indiana Personal Injury Attorney Helps Clients Deal with Insurance Company Settlement Strategies

Many people who have been in a car accident make the mistake of trying to negotiate with insurance companies themselves. This is a dangerous game to play, because insurance companies are well-known for tricking accident victims into accepting inadequate settlement offers. Succumbing to their settlement strategies means more money in their pockets, and less in yours. Contact Indianapolis, IN personal injury and accident lawyer James L. Lowry to help you easily deal with the insurance companies and get the compensation you deserve.

Insurance companies have three basic strategies they use to try and get car accident victims to settle for peanuts.

Strategy 1: An Initial Settlement Offer

Sometimes, an insurance adjustor will contact you within hours of the accident with an offer to pay for your medical bills. The adjustor will often offer you a lump sum payment if you sign a waiver saying that you will forgo your right to seek further damages through the Indiana courts. You must speak to your lawyer before accepting any offer or signing papers. Initial settlement amounts are consistently too low; you can do better.

Strategy 2: A Recorded Statement Requirement

Another trick is that an insurance adjustor or lawyer will approach you with a request for a recorded statement. The sneaky purpose is to get you “on the record” talking about your injuries. This way, if you later report an additional or more serious condition, they have documentation they will use against you to show otherwise. You are not required to give an adjuster a statement, and you should never give a statement without an experienced personal injury attorney at your side.

Strategy 3: A “Disappearing” Settlement Offer

Insurance adjustors and attorneys will often claim that their offer must be accepted immediately or it will disappear. This tactic is designed to scare you into taking their low offer without contacting a personal injury lawyer. The truth is, if an insurer is willing to make a settlement offer, it will usually be good until the suit is settled.

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Insurance companies work hard to avoid paying compensation. If you’ve been injured in an accident, don’t agree to anything until you’ve spoken with the experienced Indiana car accident and insurance lawyer James L. Lowry. With over 40 years of experience, you want him at your side. Call him today at his Indianapolis office at (317) 745-4408.