MIST Injuries: Wiplash

Hendricks Co. Ind. Personal Injury Attorney Works with Clients Suffering from MIST Injuries

Sometimes, it isn’t the catastrophic injuries that do the most damage to a person after a car or truck accident. MIST injuries, or Minor Impact Soft Tissue Injuries, can wear away insidiously at a person’s life, making even the simplest daily tasks seem nearly impossible. And while the severe injuries get most of the attention, people who have suffered from MIST injuries as a result of an auto accident are often left to deal with their pain and suffering entirely on their own. Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer James L. Lowry has seen countless people suffering from injuries incurred in automobile accidents. While some of these injuries have indeed been catastrophic; injuries like amputation, for example, most people struggle with injuries that, while not immediately catastrophic, tend to come on later—injuries that can be just as damaging down the road, and can make it hard for the individual to work effectively and live a normal life. These types of injuries are serious injuries, although most of the time, big insurance companies try to fight awarding people compensation for them because they are so common. Don’t allow your injury to be swept under the carpet— Contact experienced Indianapolis MIST Injury attorney James L. Lowry to get you the compensation you deserve to get your life back on track.

MIST injuries, like whiplash, can have painful, debilitating effects on a person’s life if not dealt with properly. Insurance companies are not eager to award people benefits for such injuries as whiplash, even though whiplash has been studied and shown to have very real, negative effects on a person’s ability to lead the life they had always known. With MIST injuries, expensive and time-consuming physical therapy can often be necessary to achieve a complete recovery, and you deserve to be compensated for these expenses, especially if the injuries were sustained in an accident that was no fault of your own.

In these cases, you need an experienced, top-notch personal injury attorney to make sure that the insurance companies don’t fight you so hard that you don’t receive the compensation you need to get better and back to your regular life. Don’t try to fight for your right to compensation alone: contact the Danville, IN Law Offices of James L. Lowry today at (317)745-4408 to discuss your Minor Impact Soft Tissue Injury case.