Indiana Injury Attorney


Probably the most important decision you make when you have been charged with operating while intoxicated, is which lawyer to hire.  Indiana, like most states, is aggressively pursuing intoxicated drivers.  A conviction for operating while intoxicated can be costly both financially and personally.  A conviction can result in suspension of driving privileges and even, in some situations, incarceration.  If you refuse a chemical test at the time of arrest, your driving privileges can be suspended for a year.  Additionally, your job may be at risk due to your inability to drive and you may face jail or prison time depending on the circumstances of your arrest.

As a past Prosecuting Attorney, I am very familiar with the strategies Prosecutors use to reach convictions and am also aware of the potential offenses to such charges.  If I accept your case, I will aggressively defend your rights and seek the minimum penalty if you are indeed guilty of the offense charged.

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