Indiana Personal Injury Attorney James L. Lowry

In Indiana if someone causes you an injury, and if they are at fault in causing the injury, they can be made to compensate you for the injuries that you suffered. I have learned over the years that I have practiced that there are very few accidents.  Most of the time injuries occur because someone wasn’t paying attention or someone was careless, or worse, reckless in their actions.  Such injuries can dramatically affect your life and your economic situation.  With proper legal representation, the party at fault can be made to compensate you for your injuries as well as reimburse you for your medical expenses incurred and wages that were lost.  If you suffer permanent impairment, you are entitled to receive money for damages for that impairment.

No one can make you whole again, particularly if your injuries are serious and you suffer permanent limitations because of those injuries.   The most that the law can provide is a method of putting amonetary value on the injury and consequent disability and setting a requirement that the party at fault be responsible to you for the loss you suffered.

Attorney James Lowry does not deal in “high volume” litigation.  He does not accept every case that comes to his office.  He doesn’t hold himself out as a specialist in every type and matter of case.  James Lowry refers to handle a limited number of cases and handle them well.  His philosophy has always been that a satisfied client is his best advertisement.

Injuries from accidents can affect your life and that of your family in dramatic ways.  Not only does a serious injury cause physical suffering and impairment, it causes mental pressures and stresses and can seriously affect you and your family’s economic well being.

It is especially important when you suffer such an injury, that you seek representation that is dependable, trusted and experienced.  James Lowry has been representing injured clients since 1966 and is well versed in properly representing and caring for his clients.  It is hard to imagine the suffering, pain, medical bills, lost wages and diminishment of enjoyment of life that can be caused by a serious injury.  If injuries cause death, losses are even more severe.

When you are faced with serious injury or wrongful death, you need an experienced attorney who will vigorously and promptly initiate investigation of the accident, contact witnesses and collect evidence in order to pursue your claim.  In addition, you need an attorney that is not afraid to confront insurance company representatives against the oppressive techniques used by too many insurance companies today.