Petit theft — Shoplifting

Hendricks Co, IN Criminal Defense Attorney Protects Clients from Shoplifting Charges

Many people consider shoplifting to be no big deal. Often, since its small ticket items being stolen, it is merely the thrill of getting away with a theft rather than a real need for the item or items taken that creates the desire to shoplift. However, in the State of Indiana, all theft charges are taken seriously, even thefts known as “petit” or “petty” theft.

There is no “petty theft” statute in the state of Indiana. Instead, Indiana law classifies this level of theft offense as a “conversion,” which is a Class misdemeanor. Anyone who commits a Class A misdemeanor may receive a term of imprisonment of not more than one year, as well as a fine of not more than $5,000. The court may suspend any portion of a Class A misdemeanor sentence if it can be proven that this is a first offense. While it may seem like a minor charge, the charge of Petty theft could forever mark on your record, staining your past and haunting you for the rest of your life. That’s why it is crucial to contact Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney James L. Lowry to assist you in preventing a charge of Petty theft from ruining your life.

In a case of Petty theft, in addition to any potential fines, courts costs, probation, or jail that the judge may impose, the State Attorney may seek restitution on behalf of the alleged victim. In many cases, a jail sentence can be avoided if restitution is paid back or if payment arrangements are made to repay the alleged victim. By seeking the experienced help of Indianapolis shoplifting lawyer James L. Lowry, you can potentially avoid harsher punishments.

As a state of Indiana lawyer for over 40 years, Attorney Lowry works hard to protect the citizens of his home state. He firmly believes that everyone deserved a fair trial with the best possible legal representation on their side. With extensive criminal defense experience in the Indianapolis-area and years of representation of countless clients accused of various crimes during that time, Indiana Criminal Attorney James L. Lowry has the experience and know-how you need to pursue the outcome you desire. Contact him at his Indianapolis, IN office to discuss your case at (317) 745-4408. Don’t let a charge of shoplifting ruin your prospects for a great future: Call today.