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Vehicle Accidents

You have just been involved in a vehicle collision. What do you do first, who do you contact, how do you protect yourself and your rights, in a situation like this you need to follow several simple steps to protect your interest.

1. Obtain the drivers license information and telephone number for the other driver.

2. Have you been injured? Call 911 emergency in order to assist you or your passengers with any injuries that have been sustained. Don’t move injured parties unless there is a danger of explosion or further injury.

3. Do not discuss the facts of what occurred with the other driver. Give your statement to the police officer who investigates the collision. Do not admit to fault or to any responsibility or liability at the scene of the accident.

4. Get critical information. Name, address, telephone number and insurance information should be obtained from the other driver. Note the make, color, year and model of the automobile and describe in writing how the accident occurred and where the vehicles ended up in relationship to the road. You should record these details at your earliest convenience after the accident occurs.

5. Witnesses. If at all possible, get the names and addresses and telephone numbers of anybody who witnesses the accident. Particularly, passengers in the other vehicle and witnesses on the scene, if possible get witness information while still at the scene if possible.

6. Contact your insurance carrier and tell them that you have been in an accident and give them the pertinent information so that they can proceed with processing your claim and investigating the case.

7. It is important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney soon after the accident in order to preserve evidence and properly investigate the accident, and protect your rights to recovery.

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